Technical Services Manager

We are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Technical Services Manager to monitor and control the technical and engineering services for aircraft, engines, and components to join our team. 

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

•    Acts as overall head of Technical Services, monitors and controls the technical and engineering services for aircraft, engines, and components to enable compliance with regulations.
•    Manage the formulation and development of the airframe, engine, propeller and component maintenance program to ensure the realization of the inherent safety, reliability and airworthiness of the equipment in the most economical manner.
•     Manage the review and proposal of aircraft maintenance program changes based on Manufacturer’s recommendation and/or reliability analysis and in-service experience prior to submission to the applicable Aviation Authority for approval through Jazeera Airways Quality Department.
•    Evaluate Airworthiness Directives (AD), Service Bulletins (SB) and other publications to determine modifications, inspections or repair that will be accomplished on the aircraft.
•    Administers and implements modification on aircraft and related systems as well as the evaluation, recommendation and processing of modification proposals, engineering projects, aircraft and engine programs.
•    Ensures implementation of the Reliability Program and direct the submission of the Reliability Reports required by Aviation Authorities.
•    Directly supervises the implementation of detailed plans and assign routine, non-routine and project works on aircraft and aircraft components for accomplishment by Maintenance Provider or other sub-contractors.
•    Performs all safety responsibilities as required by the Jazeera Airways Safety Management Manual. 
•    To proactively observe any potential hazards / risks within Engineering Department activities and report to immediate superior or Safety Officer accordingly.  
•    Complies with an applicable regulations and standards of Jazeera Airways, actively involve with Safety Management Systems by reporting all accidents, incidents, and any hazard in the work place; and being safety conscious by exerting duty of care in the performance of duties. 

Requirements and Qualifications:

•    Minimum of 8 years aviation experience in Engineering CAMO, out of which 4 years’ experience as a managerial role.  
•    Minimum A320 Level II training.
•    Engineering Bachelor’s degree or equivalent Aircraft Engineering Licenses
•    Proven management & leadership skills.
•    Strong decision-making abilities, and effective problem solving and negotiations skills.
•    Attended advance management training.
•    Good technical knowledge (theoretical and practical).
•    High sense of responsibility, leadership and team work.
•    Able to work under pressure.