Safety Manager


The Safety Manager is responsible for the development, administration, implementation, and maintenance of an effective safety management system. He/she has to manage all functions of the safety department and provide information to Senior Management on all matters related to the safe operations of Company aircrafts. The Safety Manager is responsible to promote safety awareness and implement measures for the Prevention of accidents in coordination with all nominated post holders of Flight Operations.
Principal Duties
* Ensure Company safety policy in accordance with international and DGCA requirements and periodically reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the company policies.
* Ensure appropriate emergency response plan (ERP) has been developed and distributed that defines the procedures, roles, responsibilities and actions of the various departments and key personnel.
* Responsible for the overall successful maintenance of the company Crisis Management Plan on a permanent basis and manages the company’s response to a crisis as per company’s Crisis Management Manual.
* Develop and maintain an SMS Documentation and amendment procedures.
* Shall develop and maintain a process to identify hazards, risk analysis and management associated with company services;
* Monitor the implementation of actions taken to mitigate risks, as listed in the safety action plan;
* Provide periodic reports on safety performance;
* Develop and maintain a safety training program that ensures that personnel are trained and competent to perform their SMS duties.
* Provide advice on safety matters;
* Ensure initiation and follow-up of internal occurrence/accident investigations
* Develop and maintain a management of change process to identify changes which may affect the level of safety risk associated with company services and to identify and manage the safety risks that may arise from those changes.
* Attend, as appropriate, safety review board meetings. He may communicate to the accountable manager all information, as necessary, to allow decision making based on safety data.
* Operate a flight data monitoring program (FOQA) and proactively improve flight safety. The program shall be non-punitive and contain adequate safeguards to protect the source of the data.
* Participating in the accident investigations committees as required.
* Any other duties that may be assigned to him by company management.
Experience & Qualification
* Extensive Operational experience, normally achieved as a flight deck crew member or equivalent experience in aviation management
* Demonstrates knowledge of Kuwait DGCA with respect to the content of operation manual, Air Operator Certificate and operation specifications, the provisions of the regulations and standards necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities to ensure safety
* Highly effective communicator possessing excellent interpersonal & analytical skills.
* Should have successfully completed safety training as appropriate

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