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Special Assistance

Jazeera Airways always strives to accommodate any customer who has special needs.  Take a look below to see how we can help you if you require special assistance. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact your local Jazeera Airways office or our contact centre.

If you or a member of your group needs wheelchair assistance at Jazeera Terminal 5, please inform us preferably at the time of booking, or at least 48 hours prior to departure. Applicable charges for these services are detailed below. 

You will be able to use your personal wheelchair or mobility aid wherever possible. However, another wheelchair can be used to take you to the aircraft. 

Wheelchairs and mobility aids will be accepted as checked baggage and kept in the aircraft hold. We will not accept transport of a damaged or leaking battery. 

Please provide sufficient details about your wheelchair/mobility aid and batteries (if any) to our staff prior to travel. This will enable our staff to better assist you as well as to take adequate safety measures. 

One way charge per person, per sector: KWD 15
One way transfer charge per person to final destination: KWD 15

Yes. We have facilities such as seats with movable armrests and hand rails in lavatories.

In order to serve you better, since the number of special handling passengers is limited on each flight, we kindly request that you advise us of your special mobility needs by contacting your local Jazeera Airways office or call centre at least 48 hours prior to your flight. 

Currently Jazeera Airways does not provide attendants as part of its services. If passengers in the following three categories need attendance, then we recommend for them to travel with an accompanying passenger at the time of making the reservation.

1. Passengers who are either hearing or visually impaired or who are unable to understand the safety briefing, advice or instructions given by the crew in an emergency situation including information communicated in accessible formats. 
2. Passengers who are unable to unfasten their seat belt, leave their seat and reach an emergency exit unaided, retrieve and fit a life jacket or put on an oxygen mask without assistance. 
3. Passengers who require personal care assistance with any supplementary oxygen system, eating or use of the toilet facilities. The cabin crew cannot assist with these activities.

For hearing and visually impaired passengers: On board, our crew will offer safety briefings and the necessary assistance during the flight. Please note that Jazeera Airways does not allow assistive animals to be transported, either in the hold or in the cabin. Please contact your local Jazeera Airways office or call centre for more details. 

Before booking your flight, Jazeera Airways recommends that you visit your doctor to find out if you are fit to fly, taking into consideration your health and the length of your intended trip.

Eligibility for flying with Jazeera Airways while pregnant depends on the stage and condition of your pregnancy. At certain times, you may be required to present medical documents before your flight.

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy and if exceeding 28 weeks, you MUST present a medical form before flying. For your own safety and the well-being of your child, Jazeera Airways will not accept expectant mothers who are pregnant at 32 weeks or beyond. 

Medical certificates must be written in English and include the following information:

  • Certificate issue date must not be more that 7 days
  • Certificate MUST be presented during check in process and onboard to cabin crew
  • Patients name and date of birth
  • Estimated date of delivery with pregnancy period in weeks
  • Proposed dates of air travel
  • Confirmation of an uncomplicated single pregnancy or multiple or complicated pregnancy
  • Confirmation that patient is 'fit to fly' for the entire journey, including return (where applicable)
  • Date, stamp and contact details of a qualified doctor

A child between the age of 14 days old and their second birthday is considered an infant and can travel on their parent's lap. You will be required to present the infant’s birth certificate at check-in to verify their age.

Each adult passenger (18+ years) can carry only one infant on his/her lap, subject to applicable fees. However, if there is a second infant, a full-fare extra seat should be purchased, provided a certified car seat is supplied by the adult passenger. Without the car seat, passengers will be not be accepted for travel at check-in counter.

Jazeera Airways provides special care for young unaccompanied passengers and makes all arrangements to ensure a safe journey to reach their destination. After the minor is haded over to a Jazeera Airways representative at the check-in counter, who is also the responsible person to take care of him and accompany him at all times, including crossing security checkpoints at the airport, escorting the minor to the departure gate and up to boarding the plane. The Jazeera Airways field operations team also takes care of the minor after reaching the concerned destination by escorting him through the passport stamping area and handing him over to the person waiting for him.

Please observe the following provisions before booking a flight ticket:

Minor children between the ages of 5 and 14 are entitled to travel with Jazeera Airways unaccompanied only for direct flights (no transit), provided that the necessary arrangements are made in advance (such as travel permission, travel visa and flight ticket), and 25KWD will be added for the care service when booking the ticket.